From street corners to big-name festivals, from store parking lots to national landmarks, from a single stop to a whole national tour, we excel at strategy, planning, and execution.
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product samples
When your goal is getting the right product into the right audience’s hands, call on the team that’s done it for some of the biggest brands. Our team combines mobility, infrastructure, and logistics to sample your product in the most impactful way.
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Your product can only make a first impression once. We help you make it count. Between our strategy, logistics, and culinary capabilities, we can reach your target audience right at a single location or across the country.
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We create pop-up experiences that become the best part of people’s day—where your brand gets to interact with people on a personal level. Let us cover the logistics and the production. Then stand back and watch what happens
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Five star rated

Location Procurement

Our expertise and relationships with municipalities and venues saves you time and aggravation. We will obtain permits across the country on your behalf.

Market Research

We research your target demographics until we fully understand your ideal customer, while delivering events procurement services that take a load off your shoulders.

Photo & Brand Film

We’ll help capture digital assets for posting on social channels, creating a hype video, or showing your project internally.

Data Capture

We collect data where people are just being their natural selves. Whatever data is important for your brand or campaign, we’ll capture.

Experiential Vehicles

From food trucks, RVs, airstreams, horse trailers—if it moves, we’ll drive it forward.

Project Management

Our goal is managing everything to perfection, and completion. Whatever your project requires, we’ll keep everything – and everybody – on track.

Culinary Expertise

Combining custom menu creation, food logistics, mobile tour sampling, professional chefs available in all major markets, and onsite research.

Vehicle Branding

From design to installation, we'll handle all production, including custom-cut signage, 3D printing, and other special effects.

Branded Footprint

Make a whole scene with frames, banners, props, and other creative elements designed to drive attention.

Team Staffing

We’ll source and staff the perfect team—from brand ambassadors to drivers, professional chefs to dancing chickens (yes, that’s happened).

Custom Fabrications

When a vehicle needs something incredibly customized that’s never-been-seen, we find a way. All we need is your idea.

Packaging & Swag

Put the packaging and swag responsibility on us. We’ll work with the right vendors – yours or ours – and make sure everything aligns with the rest of the effort.

Helping great brands make a scene.

We serve brands across all different industries.

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Five star rated

high praise from happy clients.

  • star-black

    “Promobile was excellent at coming to the table prepared. They bring a level of professionalism and competence that you don’t see with every company. Without Promobile, the mobile vaccination clinics that operated in NYC throughout the pandemic just don’t happen.”

    -Joshua Sidis, Senior Advisor, New York City Mayor’s Office of Operations

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  • star-black

    “Our event with Promobile last summer was by far the most effective and efficient we have had. We reached 10 times as many people as we typically do at our events. Promobile were experts in permitting across six different cities – they knew exactly how the permitting process went and if there were any roadblocks, they knew the solutions in order to get us where we wanted to be.”

    -Caitlin Feroleto, Director of Partnership & Events, Supergoop!

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  • star-black

    “ What's great about Promobile is they help you amplify whatever you're trying to do. And they help do it with operational excellence. I do recommend quite a few people to them. And 10 out of 10 people come back to me and are just blown away by the professionalism and just the whole experience with Promobile.”

    -Patrick Jammet, Vice President, Meati Foods

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  • star-black

    “We have had many challenges set by our clients, all of which the Promobile team have enabled us to solve, often delivering way above expectations. Their dedication and loyalty is exemplary. Promobile’s drive and knowledge is key to the success of our campaigns, always working above and beyond and looking for constant improvements and solutions. Our latest activation with Promobile broke all records on target...”

    -Ian Priestman, Commercial Director, Sense NYC

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  • star-black

    “Promobile is always supporting any activation that we’re doing. They are always leaning in – things you don’t even know are an issue are considered and solved by them. It’s their experience that truly helped us succeed.”

    -Jennifer Paulson, Director of Retail Marketing and Brand Experience, Wicked Kitchen

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  • star-black

    “The Promobile Team worked with me, kind of put things in the right order and alignment. They structured it to a point where it made sense and flowed. Instead of recreating my idea in a way that doesn't fit what my brand wanted to do, they made all my crazy ideas come to life in one succinct window. Promobile made it flow from starting an event to the end of an event."

    -Quentin Wright-McDuffie, Brand Manager, Schuman Cheese

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  • star-black

    "Part of the reason why we were so eager to partner with Promobile was that we had the opportunity to really build out a large on-site presence. Our goal was to establish a strong imprint and let the community know that beyond providing healthcare, we’re also there to support them and engage with them in a meaningful way."

    -Roselena Martinez, Senior Marketing Manager, Weill Cornell Medicine

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What is the average cost of a mobile experiential campaign?

It is difficult to dive in on specific numbers because each client has their own specific needs. Here are some references based on averages for mobile experiential campaigns:
1 day: $30K – $40K
1 week: $55K – $70K
1 month: $120K – $170K
Popups and production heavy customizations/fabrications fall outside these ranges.

Outside of mobile experiential activations, do you handle Pop ups and brick and mortar takeovers?

Yes! We handle the full scope of experiential activations including brick and mortar builds, event footprints, booths and more.

Do you have nationwide coverage?

Yes, anywhere you want it, that’s the way you need it, anywhere you want it…

Do you offer culinary services?

Yes, we have an in-house culinary team that handles simple coffee samplings to working with Michelin star grade chefs. From development to procurement and execution, we handle it all.

What type of vehicles do you have in your fleet?

Food trucks, RV’s, tour busses, vintage units, airstreams, carts, tricycles, and more.

Is there a minimum project duration?

No, campaigns range from 1 day to several months depending on project scope.

Do you specialize in a specific industry?

No, our platform is applicable to any industry or brand. We have experience across tech, beauty, CPG, fashion, entertainment, and more!

Still left with more questions?