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June 30th, 2023 | 4 min read
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Glass Box Trucks: Interactive Marketing Must-Haves

See-through box trucks are a fun and entertaining way to supercharge your next interactive marketing campaign. Display your brand or product, spark engagement, and create brand loyalty. These eye-catching box trucks take your campaign–and your products–on the road, offering a unique experience for your customers. Promote your social media, create photo ops, set up a mini boutique, hand out samples, or offer an interactive experience inside the truck–the possibilities are endless. Get ready to roll with the coolest trend in marketing!

Creative Glass Truck Campaign Ideas for Your Next Campaign

Here are some mind-blowing ideas to turbocharge your next interactive marketing campaign with glass walled trucks. These see-through trucks are the key to unlocking a world of creativity and engagement. Here’s a sneak peek at some jaw-dropping concepts to inspire you:

Photo Opportunities

Use see-through box trucks to create a unique photo opportunity that fans can use to bring awareness to your campaign by posting on social media.

Hellmann’s and Feeding America partnered with Promobile Marketing for their Mayo For Meals campaign featuring a giant jar of mayonnaise in a glass box truck. The campaign consisted of driving from Phoenix, AZ, through Missouri, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and finally ending in New Jersey at the Unilever headquarters. Hellmann’s incorporated a hashtag and photo opportunity as part of their campaign – for every photo on Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok with the hashtag #MayoForMeals, Hellmann’s helped provide the equivalent of 500 meals to their long-standing partner, Feeding America.

Use glass walled trucks to create a unique three-dimensional display of your logo or mascot and encourage your viewers to interact with it by taking photos with it. Create a hashtag specific to your campaign and encourage them to post their photos and videos to social media using the hashtag.

hellmans glass box truck marketing campaign

Hellmann’s Glass Truck Campaign executed by Promobile Marketing

Create a mobile photo booth inside the truck, providing an entertaining, interactive experience for customers both inside and outside the truck. Customers using the photo booth will be entertained as they take the photos, while customers outside the truck can look on and be entertained by the photo booth photoshoot.

Incorporate a QR code into the display. Link your QR code to a game or an experience related to the mobile glass truck display. You could even incorporate multiple QR codes into your display and send your fans on a city-wide scavenger hunt using the QR codes.

Mobile Hair, Makeup, or Beauty Salon

Create a mobile hair, makeup, or beauty salon. Use glass walled trucks to bring your mobile hair salon or beauty shop to your customers!
Promote your makeup products, hair products, or other beauty products that require the product be applied or tried on. Allow customers to try the product first-hand or take some samples to go.

If you offer services rather than products, use these trucks to give your customers a sample of your services. Set up a pop-up nail salon, makeover station, or blow dry bar.

mobile makeup studio

Consider teaching short classes or giving quick tutorials from the mobile salon. Teach your customers how to get the perfect smokey eye look, give tips and tricks for curling or braiding hair, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Mobile Showrooms

Create a mobile showroom and bring the store to your customers. Use glass box trucks to display your newest apparel closer to foot traffic by bringing your retail shop to local festivals or events.

You can even create your own event centered around the mobile showroom! Got a new line of sneakers? Show it off in the truck and encourage your customers to come inside and try them on.

New clothing collection? Show it off and include a mobile changing room to encourage customers to try it on. Create a photo op for customers wearing your new products and encourage them to post their photos on social media using a specific hashtag.

Recreate Living Spaces

Create an immersive experience for people to walk through and test out a product that is usually too large to showcase another way, such as a couch or kitchen appliance.

For kitchen appliances, consider setting up a quick cooking class to encourage customers to try out the appliance. This creates an engaging customer experience that also rewards the customer with the food they make.

living room truck

For furniture, offer customers a quick rest stop. Encourage them to stop by and take a break on your couch, chair, or whatever it is you’re promoting, have a drink and maybe a snack, and relax for a bit.

Consider adding a QR code that links to a game customers can play or a video customers can watch while they relax.


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