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June 29th, 2023 | 5 min read
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Mobile Billboards in Your Next Brand Activation Campaign

Mobile billboard trucks are experiential marketing tools that amplify brand and message awareness for a wide variety of businesses, organizations, and events. These eye-catching advertisements are placed on the side of moving vehicles, providing on-the-go advertising that reaches more people than your standard side-of-the-road billboard. Mobile billboards allow you to promote your brand by creating memorable experiences, generating buzz, and driving meaningful engagement with your target audience.

4 Strategies to Increase Mobile Billboard Engagement

1. Plan a custom route

Mobile billboards give you more control over your marketing. They go where you want them to go, and their large size and strategic placement on moving vehicles increases visibility. You can strategically plan your route to reach your target audience where they are: high-traffic areas, popular events, or even specific neighbourhoods.

2. Create a teaser for the larger campaign

Integrate mobile billboards into larger experiential marketing campaigns, new product launches, or activations. Use them as teasers or invitations to drive anticipation and curiosity for the upcoming experience. Announce event details, highlight key features, or display compelling visuals related to the experiential activity. Here are some ways you can integrate mobile billboards into your marketing campaign.

 Include a strong call to action

Encourage your viewers to scan a QR code to access exclusive content. Link the QR code to a game, a coupon, or a free ebook or brochure. Let them sign up for a mailing list to get notifications about future events for your brand. Create a contest or a giveaway that can only be entered via the QR code. The possibilities are endless!

Offer experiences

Use your mobile billboard to give your viewers a taste of your brand. Advertise free samples or a small giveaway happening only at your event. You can even encourage them to visit your mobile billboard truck by offering exclusive experiences related to your brand. Advertising a new video game? Use your billboard to encourage them to come test it out before the game hits the market.

Leverage your online presence

Invite your viewers to visit your social media pages, website, etc. Give them a teaser of the larger campaign and tell them to visit your social media page or website for details and to sign up to receive notifications.

Create an immersive experience

Use glass walled trucks to give your viewers an opportunity to immerse themselves in an experience. Invite viewers onto your truck, allowing them to engage with the campaign by becoming part of it. Let them interact with your product while other viewers look on.

3. Provide interactive experiences

Immerse your viewers in the experience by adding interactive elements to your mobile billboard. Allow them to see the value of your brand by incorporating augmented reality (AR) or QR codes that can be scanned for additional content, such as games, videos, or exclusive offers. Engage viewers by encouraging them to interact with the mobile billboard in some way.

Integrate offline and online engagement

Create offline touch points that drive online engagement. Mobile billboards offer seamless offline/online integration, eliminating friction in the customer journey. Offer QR codes for your chronically online viewers to scan, or reach your off-the-grid audience by offering a phone number to call for exclusive offers. If you have a physical storefront, encourage them to visit for free samples or offer coupons that are good only in stores. Advertise products in your physical storefront while also encouraging them to visit your website or social media for more items, exclusive coupons, online contests or giveaways, etc.

Encourage interaction with your brand

Offer small giveaways, samples, or exclusive experiences related to your brand. Encourage your viewers to interact with you. Let them experience your brand at your event in a way that makes them want to continue interacting with your brand long after the event is over. Give them samples to get them excited about the campaign and the product launch. Offer a giveaway that will promote word-of-mouth advertising. Viewers who are excited about a giveaway or a contest will tell their friends about it, encouraging more engagement with your brand.

4. Integrate your social media presence

Everyone has social media, so leverage it to amplify the impact of your mobile billboard campaign. Create a hashtag specific to your campaign, and encourage viewers to share photos or videos of the mobile billboard on social media platforms using that hashtag. Run contests or challenges tied to the mobile billboard campaign, offering incentives for participation and engagement.


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