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January 31st, 2024 | 7 min read

12 Inspiring Brand Activation Ideas

You know what experiential marketing like pop-ups, brand activations, and immersive experiences can do for your brand — now get inspired with these 12 brand activation ideas from Promobile Marketing.

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What is the average cost of a mobile experiential campaign?

It is difficult to dive in on specific numbers because each client has their own specific needs. Here are some references based on averages for mobile experiential campaigns:
1 day: $30K – $40K
1 week: $55K – $70K
1 month: $120K – $170K
Popups and production heavy customizations/fabrications fall outside these ranges.

Is there a minimum project duration?

No, campaigns range from 1 day to several months depending on project scope.

Do you have nationwide coverage?

Yes, anywhere you want it, that’s the way you need it, anywhere you want it…

What type of vehicles do you have in your fleet?

Food trucks, RV’s, tour busses, vintage units, airstreams, carts, tricycles, and more.

Do you offer culinary services?

Yes, we have an in-house culinary team that handles simple coffee samplings to working with Michelin star grade chefs. From development to procurement and execution, we handle it all.

What happens if I need to reschedule an event due to weather?

We plan for the unforeseen and bake weather contingencies into the project planning. Your project management team will proactively prepare for weather and other potential challenges and bring you to the finish line.

Can you help me build my schedule and discover locations / events?

Yes! We regularly handle the full schedule for Clients including permitting, location procurement, and event involvement. All the logistics and market research are handled by us.

Can you customize a truck with creative elements?

Of course! Promobile guides you through custom production elements and embellishments to make sure your brand stands out in a unique way.

What is your average project turnaround time?

We aim for a 30-45 day minimum, however often tackle expedited timing to make it happen for our Clients.

Do you specialize in a specific industry?

No, our platform is applicable to any industry or brand. We have experience across tech, beauty, CPG, fashion, entertainment, and more!

Outside of mobile experiential activations, do you handle Pop ups and brick and mortar takeovers?

Yes! We handle the full scope of experiential activations including brick and mortar builds, event footprints, booths and more.

What info do I need to provide you to get a quote?

Most projects can be quoted out if we have an idea of the market(s), duration, brand offering and high-level campaign goals. From there we can circle back with any additional questions and begin to build out your project.

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