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What’s So Special About Retail Sampling?

Boost reputation with retailers and buyers 1

Boost reputation with retailers and buyers.

Take your relationship with retailers to the next level by showing that you care about their consumers and their experience.

Sample local, regional or nationwide

Sample local, regional, or nationwide.

Choose the exact level of coverage you want in one mobile format. Our team will work with you no matter the size of your budget or ambition.

Maintain control of the experience

Maintain control of the experience.

Have greater culinary flexibility and increased output compared to traditional in-store sampling.


Five star rated

Location Procurement

Our expertise and relationships with municipalities and venues saves you time and aggravation. We will obtain permits across the country on your behalf.

Market Research

We research your target demographics until we fully understand your ideal customer, while delivering events procurement services that take a load off your shoulders.

Photo & Brand Film

We’ll help capture digital assets for posting on social channels, creating a hype video, or showing your project internally.

Data Capture

We collect data where people are just being their natural selves. Whatever data is important for your brand or campaign, we’ll capture.

Experiential Vehicles

From food trucks, RVs, airstreams, horse trailers—if it moves, we’ll drive it forward.

Project Management

Our goal is managing everything to perfection, and completion. Whatever your project requires, we’ll keep everything – and everybody – on track.

Culinary Expertise

Combining custom menu creation, food logistics, mobile tour sampling, professional chefs available in all major markets, and onsite research.

Vehicle Branding

From design to installation, we'll handle all production, including custom-cut signage, 3D printing, and other special effects.

Branded Footprint

Make a whole scene with frames, banners, props, and other creative elements designed to drive attention.

Team Staffing

We’ll source and staff the perfect team—from brand ambassadors to drivers, professional chefs to dancing chickens (yes, that’s happened).

Custom Fabrications

When a vehicle needs something incredibly customized that’s never-been-seen, we find a way. All we need is your idea.

Packaging & Swag

Put the packaging and swag responsibility on us. We’ll work with the right vendors – yours or ours – and make sure everything aligns with the rest of the effort.


Can you help me build my schedule and discover locations / events?

Yes! We regularly handle the full schedule for Clients including permitting, location procurement, and event involvement. All the logistics and market research are handled by us.

Do you offer culinary services?

Yes, we have an in-house culinary team that handles simple coffee samplings to working with Michelin star grade chefs. From development to procurement and execution, we handle it all.

What info do I need to provide you to get a quote?

Most projects can be quoted out if we have an idea of the market(s), duration, brand offering and high-level campaign goals. From there we can circle back with any additional questions and begin to build out your project.

What happens if I need to reschedule an event due to weather?

We plan for the unforeseen and bake weather contingencies into the project planning. Your project management team will proactively prepare for weather and other potential challenges and bring you to the finish line.

Can you customize a vehicle with creative elements?

Of course! Promobile guides you through custom production elements and embellishments to make sure your brand stands out in a unique way.

What is your average project turnaround time?

We aim for a 30-45 day minimum, however often tackle expedited timing to make it happen for our Clients.

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