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April 28th, 2024 | 3 min read
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Lemon Perfect Drink More Lemons Campaign

The fastest-growing enhanced-water brand in the United States, Lemon Perfect is a perfectly refreshing beverage — hydrating, delicious, all-natural, and nutritious — so what better season for a nationwide sampling campaign than spring?

free lemon perfect samples


Brand activations are among the more popular experiential marketing strategies, and with good reason — they work. An instance of marketing that both builds a brand’s image and drives a specific consumer action, an activation helps “bring a brand to life by connecting and interacting with the consumer on a personal level,” according to the Association of National Advertisers. Activations help build brand awareness in a given market quickly, and in a way that creates great opportunities for press, PR, and participation by curious passersby.

lemon perfect product sampling campaign

Taking activations on the road via truck or bus allows a brand to expand its impact across multiple markets; recent successes have established mobile activations as a trend among brands looking to gain exposure and win over their target audiences. After all, notes a recent bizbash.com article, “why confine foot—or website or social media—traffic and high-quality leads to a standalone outpost when you could put an event space on wheels and take it anywhere and everywhere?”

lemon perfect product sampling campaign

Sampling campaigns, too, have a long history of marketing success, and they’re an effective way to encourage consumers new to the brand to try your brand’s products. For spring 2024, beverage brand Lemon Perfect and Promobile combined the two for a mobile nationwide brand activation/sampling campaign.

free lemon perfect samples

Promobile partnered with the lemon water brand to create a joyful, bold, stylish, effortlessly cool warm-weather mobile activation, targeting events and locations around the country to give away millions of product samples across 442 activation days in April and May. The goal: Meet the brand’s young, diverse consumers where they are, delivering moments of joy and smart wellness to seven U.S. markets.

On the heels of some recent changes, like larger bottles and a greatly expanded national footprint, Lemon Perfect wanted a brand activation strategy that would put bottles in people’s hands to further distinguish the brand among other enhanced waters. To accomplish this, Lemon Perfect’s fleet of branded vehicles canvassed the country to reach Millennial and Gen Z consumers in major cities like Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, and Los Angeles. By establishing home bases in 7 markets, the brand gained access to millions of consumers while maintaining the flexibility to hit other locations quickly and efficiently.

promobile and lemon perfect team

The activation was an immediate success, distributing over 300,000 samples over 51 live days by mid-April.


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